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9781625100825largeThe Shelf – Life of a Single Mom – Join Kate Banister as she begins her journey on moving day, separating from her husband of eighteen years. You will share her sorrow as she bids her marriage and family home a final farewell. Feel the hearth-and-home warmth of Kate’s house as she prepares meals and makes a new home for her three children. You will see Kate reminisce about her own childhood, her marriage, and the struggles that led to her heartbreaking divorce.

Her challenges are like those of any other single mom, including a rebellious teenager, financial worry, weight loss, self-doubt, unforgiveness, and loneliness. Kate’s friends, with whom she shares a tender sisterhood, lift her over obstacle after obstacle. Even strangers are there when she needs help, acting as God’s angels, strengthening Kate’s faith in her Creator.

As you walk alongside Kate through the warm and tender moments, the tragedies, and the occasional hilarity of life, this story will inspire you to make good choices, to never lose hope, and to know that life does endure after divorce. More importantly, Kate’s story will help you to look beyond yourself to help others in need. As you navigate these pages, you’ll see evidence of God watching over Kate, and in spite of her divorce, he gives her everything she needs to be whole again.  –Karen Yorio, Author

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BBF_CoverBlueprints for Blending Families – This book was written to help couples who are considering blending their families in marriage.  If you are already married, don’t let that discourage you from reading this book, as I have also included tools for you. Though best practice would be to apply these principles prior to marriage, most of these guidelines are applicable to an existing blended family as well. With time and prayer you can accomplish the results you need to have a strong family. Whether you are already a stepparent or are considering becoming one, I pray that God richly blesses your union.  Blueprints for Blending Families was designed not only to lead and inspire the reader, but can be used as a prayerful resource to initiate discussion between you and your partner regarding your future family. It can also be used as a resource for Bible study in a small group setting.  At the conclusion of each chapter there are some Bible verses and a series of questions that can be used for discussion. My prayer is that in sharing dialogue with your partner and/or other blended married couples in your small group, you will learn from one another.  -Karen Yorio, Author

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