“I met Fran and Karen about two years ago during a blended family conference they led at my church.  My husband and I were attending the conference, and I felt certain that it was no coincidence that they were placed in our lives.  It has been a rough road, but staying connected and continuing to seek wisdom and support from them gives me both hope and peace. Karen has become a friend and true mentor to me. These past two years have been some of the hardest times of my life and I have truly felt like I wasn’t sure how much longer I could go on.  I thank God every day that he placed Karen in my life.  It is  extremely difficult to find a couple with a passion for helping others like this couple.  They selflessly love and respect one another, humbly admit their shortcomings based upon their own life experiences, and offer wisdom and direction based upon the truth from the Word of God. Thank you both, Karen and Fran, for all of your encouragement, prayers, time, and love.”  –Rachelle F., Fort Wayne, Indiana


“Fran and Karen Yorio have been very instrumental with putting my marriage of 22 years back together. My wife and I were on the verge of divorce when we first started our coaching with the Yorios. After a few failed attempts with marriage counselors over the past decade we decided to give it one last chance. It made perfect sense to see a team that consisted of a husband and wife. We have had women counselors that I felt sided with my wife and the opposite with male counselors. The first visit with Fran and Karen was very casual. My wife and I were very comfortable sharing our story and in turn learned about the Yorio’s marriage. Right away we were given the task of learning our top love languages so that we could better communicate with one another.  At the end of each session we were given weekly assignments to work on. These assignments were then used at the next meeting to help our communication skills. After a few short months of meeting with Fran and Karen we had made great strides in our marriage, and felt like we were starting a second honeymoon. The Yorios were very encouraging, gave great advice and best of all became our friends.” –M. Miller, Fort Wayne, Indiana


“I have done both relationship and personal coaching with Fran and Karen, and they have lovingly encouraged me toward right choices. The focus was on accountability – and the hope that was needed to make the hard but good choices to build a solid foundation for myself. They love the coaching ministry of helping couples and individuals make choices that will get them where they want to go in life. Karen and Fran both have a past with broken marriages and have successfully blended their families and built a marriage we all would desire. They are my personal examples of what I would like to accomplish if I ever marry and/or blend families. I highly recommend them!” -Lynda W., Fort Wayne, Indiana