Women helping women.  We all need help now and again.  If you are a woman seeking direction in your life, who better to help you find God’s chosen life path for you than a woman seeking Christ?  Karen Yorio has spent the last nine years serving in divorce recovery and marriage ministries.  God has prepared her heart for others through a strong and consistent prayer life. Developing steady Bible study habits, Karen has sought out Christ for women who are in need of His healing.
Encouragement and inspiration are the cornerstone for growth and healing, and the good stuff will be passed onto you!  You will learn that your identity is not found in this world.  Your worth is not found in your job, friends, family, or accomplishments; but rather, from being a Child of God.  You wear the crown of righteousness as you inherit all that God has for you!

Women and Divorce

If you are a woman going through a divorce, know that Karen has survived divorce by leaning into God.  The first priority for you will be that your heart is healed through Christ’s love.  You will learn what forgiveness is and is not.  You will learn to create a relationship of civility with your ex-husband if he makes that possible.  This is so if you have children, things will be a little easier for them in these challenging times.  Your coach knows it takes two to strike civility, and if your spouse will not allow it, your options will be laid out for you.  You will discuss the practical aspects of dealing with what divorce brings into your life and decisions will be made.  Lastly, you will move forward with God and learn to be the purposeful woman that God intended, living a life full in Christ.

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Who or what is challenging you?

Perhaps you are in a relationship or job that is draining you.  Maybe self-esteem or doubt plague you.  Perhaps you feel far from God.  You and your coach will determine, with God in control, the direction you need to turn.  Together you and your coach will determine the right decision for you.  The first priority will be to help you listen to the Holy Spirit and make decisions based on what God’s purpose is for you.  Sorting fleshly desires from God’s desires will bring you to the right place in your life.

Women and Marriage

If you’re experiencing marital issues, the first priority will be to help you honor your covenant with God.  Whether this is your first or subsequent marriage, the principle is the same:  The marriage to save is the marriage you’re in.  Your coach will work with you on your individual circumstances, giving you tools to communicate with your spouse.  You will discuss rebuilding your foundation in Christ, first in yourself, then with your spouse.  You will learn what forgiveness is and is not.  Your coach will teach you to embrace what it means to be a strong, independent, loving, purposeful wife, with all the joys that God intended for you.  You will discuss topics such as anger, depression, finances, trust, sex, the fruit of the Spirit, needs, hopes, and dreams.  If this is a subsequent marriage and you are a blended family, your coach will discuss ex-spouse issues, step-children, your children, and will look closely at your circumstances to understand how to best come alongside you.  At the appropriate time, and if you are willing, your husband can be invited in for couples coaching.  Nothing is too big for our God.  Nothing.  Know that your coach has seen Christ redeem some high-risk marriages, and it started out with a woman seeking women’s life coaching from a place of brokenness.

Whatever circumstances brought you here, know that you will be loved and prayed over, led, and listened to, and you will find some laughter and joy with your coach!  Best of all, you will learn new daily prayer and Bible study habits from your coach that will bring blessings and answers from God.  (And those answers will most likely be unexpected, as God is FULL of surprises!)

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Blessed is a man who perseveres under trial; for once he has been approved, he will receive the crown of life which the Lord has promised to those who love Him. -James 1:12